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Carpet is a luxurious, comfortable flooring which is a great choice for any home. Its real beauty lies in its versatility - it is suitable for virtually every room in the house, is available in almost any colour under the sun, and provides a warm, tactile surf ace to walk, sit or play on. It absorbs more sound than other types of flooring, and reduces heat loss more effectively.
When choosing a new carpet, it's important to think about where it's going to be used and what type of footfall it will have to cope with. Bedroom carpet, for example, will not see as much traffic as a hallway or living room so you could choose a less hardwearing carpet here. Or you could splash out and have a luxurious and expensive carpet in the knowledge that it will retain its good looks for a long time.In areas of high use, opt for a heavy domestic rated carpet, preferably with a life-time stain warranty.
You should always use a doormat or rug in front of doorways, to prevent discoloration and damage from dirty shoes and heavy footfall. Your carpet can be beautiful forever, thanks to the LIFE-PROOF carpet collection from Lifestyle Floors. The fibres of a LIFE-PROOF carpet are designed especially to prevent food and drink stains and spills from penetrating, making your carpet almost impossible to stain and so much easier to clean. Most LIFE-PROOF carpets can even be carefully hand cleaned using a 1:10 bleach solution.


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